KIEVPROP the HotProp

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Kievprops is a new innovative product that brings a turbine smooth ride to the sport plane class.  The propeller provides and average of up to 20% increase in performance and faster cruising at lower RPMs with better climb.  

What more could the serious pilot want?  Each blade is injection molded under exacting pressures to ensure the strength needed to acheive optimum performance while maintaining a lightweight product. The use of the autoclave creates a seamless one-piece blade with brass leading edges, providing uninterrputed airflow as well as protection from water and debris.  

The props also feature large surface areas so that there is a firm grip at the hub.  No slipping with the Kiev Prop. The unique design allows pilots to experience less noice and greater performance with less weight and very low mass inertia. 

Standard features include:  inlaid brass leading edge protection, semi-scimitar with forward dihedral and inlaid brass leading edges, pressure-formed aluminum hub, pitch adjustment tool, mounting harward, and covers.  You can choose black or white blades.  All blades are one piece with no glued seams.  They help reduce engine and airframe fatigue.

Changing out the props is easy.  Each blade has a serial number so replacement accuracy is a cinch.  The weight is within the mass moment inertial limit recommended by Rotax and Hirth. A one-year manufacturer warranty is included. The props are rated for 40 to 130 HP engines with a 75mm prop hub bolt pattern.  Composite spinner or spacers are also available.

General KIEVPROP Information 
The KIEVPROP is available in a range of ground adjustable pitch propellers with diameter of 1.6-1.9 m, left and right rotation, in 3/ 5/ 6 blades options.
Propellers are designed to be installed on the aircraft with engines with gear box and damper.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 3-blades propellers is up to 130 hp inclusively.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 5, 6-blades propellers is up to 180 hp inclusively.
Maximum allowed rotational speed for all propellers - 2700 rpm.

Basic package of the props includes:
- hub + its installation kit (bolts and nuts),
- blades,
- pitch adjustment device,
- fastening bolts,
- blades covers.

Additionally propeller can be supplied with:
- spinner (hub fairing) Ø 8,9" (226 mm),
- spacer (distance separator) of 1.2" (30 mm) or 2.25" (57 mm)..

Propeller is fixed to the engine flange with 6 bolts. Mounting holes centers diameters is 75 mm. (Rotax, Hirth standard). Bolt tightening torque: 25 Nm !
A spacer is used when you need to move propeller away from the radiator, engine cowling, exhaust system and flaperons. Increasing of distance between wings and propeller (for pusher-type engine power plant) this reduces the noise and possible wing control elements vibration and improves of the propeller operation in whole.

KIEVPROP Propellers life
The service time / operation life for KIEVPROP blades:

- calendar time (in years) – 6 years;
- assigned resource service time (in hours) – not limited;
The service time / operation life for KIEVPROP hub:
- calendar time (in years) – 15 years;
- assigned resource service time (in hours) – not limited;
KIEVPROP Warranty period of propeller operation – 12 months from the date of purchase, including storage, on condition of proper operation, storage and transportation.

How to order a KIEVPROP

To order a propeller please give us a call so that we can ensure you receive the proper propeller for your engine and application.
Some of the information we require are - your aircraft type, make, model, cruise speed, tractor/pusher,
The Engine make,  model and horse power,
Reduction Drive (if applicable) - type, ratio.
Hub Requirements - A) Bolt circle dia, B) Number of bolts, C) Bolt dims, D) Center hole dims, E) Drive lug dimensions (if applicable),
Propeller Description-rotation, diameter, structural limitation of diameter manufacturers suggested prop description, no. of blades, tractor or pusher.  

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