Wizard J3 ultralight / experimental amateurbuilt aircraft sail sets

Wizard J3 single seat ultralight aircraft sails

Wizard sail sets.

If you are looking for sails for your Wizard J3 single seat ultralight experimental amateurbuilt aircraft, whether it is a complete set, a tail section, rudder, elevator or horizontal stabalizer we can supply it. Our sails are award winning quality, at reasonable prices. Delivery times for a standard set of sails are usually 4 to 6 weeks.

We also sell outdoor storage covers to help protect you ultralight or experimental light sport aircraft from UV deterioration. 
Standard sails are two colours, most sails are also available in all of the standard colours originally supplied by manufacturer.
All fabric is 4.1 oz. stabilized dacron sail cloth.
For exact colours, color swatches are available for $15.00 US plus shipping.  
Refundable with your order.  
For more information on Wizard J3 Single Seat Ultralight / Experimental Amateurbuilt Sails call / text 507-208-0111 or via EMAIL

For Ultralight / Experimental Amateurbuilt Sails call / text 507-208-0111